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Executive Administration

The Navajo Division of Social Services (NDSS) is under the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation's three-branch government under the direction of Deannah Neswood-Gishey, Executive Director.  The Executive Director oversees the entire Navajo Division of Social Services to ensure that efficient and adequate social (human) services are provided in consistent with professional social work ethics, values, and in accordance with Navajo cultural values and tradition.  The Executive Director ensures that the services provided would help to reduce and alleviate hardship, and to have the ultimate purpose of contributing to self-sufficiency.  The Executive Director has the duty to advocate for clients, special target groups and develop social services priorities, needs and/or issues.

The Executive Administration is comprise of; Executive Administration Section, Human Resource Section, Financial Management Section, Communication Section, Policy Section and Information Technology Section.  The staff provide support and technical assistance to all NDSS Departments and Programs as needed with evaluations, classifications, job vacancy announcements, conducting assessments, background checks and interpret the Navajo Nation Personnel Policies & Procedures.  The purpose of the Executive Administration is to implement the Navajo Nation’s policies to ensure that essential social services are available to needy families and individuals living on or near the Navajo Nation and to others, where mandated by statues and regulations.






P.O. Box 4590
Window Rock, AZ 86515

Phone: 928-871-6851
Fax: 928-871-7372


2296 Administration Building #2

Window Rock Boulevard,

Window Rock, AZ 86515

Deannah Neswood-Gishey, LMSW Executive Director (928) 871-6851
Marlinda Littleman Deputy Director (928) 871-6849
Roselyn Begay Sr. Proj. & Prog. Specialist (928) 871-6873
Mary Deschneey-Reyna Sr. Proj. & Prog. Specialist (928) 871-7117
Delilah Goodluck Sr. Proj. & Prog. Specialist (928) 871- 6821
VACANT Sr. Proj. & Prog. Specialist    
VACANT Administrative Service Officer    
Emma Hannah Administrative Assistant (928) 871-6833
Nicolette A. Begay Senior Office Specialist (928) 871-6848




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